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hi, i'm altias!!

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a memoca i doodled in french. un pélican


skyrim doesnt belong to the nords

skyrim doesnt belong to the dunmer

skyrim doesnt belong to any race

skyrim belongs to me

i bought that game

its mine


when ur having a casual conversation and it shit gets serious


Ah you’re watching sailor moon? I love that anime. The way they just [clenches fist] sail all those fricking moons

i love discowolf.avi

deviantart has been inaccessible all day and i am disappointed. come back to me



as you all probably already know i’m a musician. Until now I have been releasing my music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud to some response artistically, but very little response financially.

I’m 15. I don’t have a work permit. I get $20 a week from my dad if I dont fuck around in #school . But I love making music, even if it is a supreme time drain. Music honestly is one of the reasons that I love living in this world even if it does get a liiittle burdensome. So.

On Bandcamp, I usually release my music at pay-what-you-want pricing, where you can pay what you want. Of course, when you pay what you want, often you pay nothing, because #money is a social construct that some of us really just dont need to deal with right now. I get that. I 100% understand that and if you release your music for pay-what-you-want like I do, I love you just as much as you love me. Unfortunately as much as I love letting people download my music, downloading my music doesnt really give me any money. Social constructs right yall?? Haha

Ok so Patreon is basically a solution to that. With patreon you can send your fave money per month and in return you get access to cool things like previews, commentary, etc. I think this would work the best for me because I usually wait a while to release things but Im constantly constantly constantly making music and i need a place to put it. This is where you all, as fans of my music, come in. You can send me a set amount of money per month and in return, you can receive stuff like songs, song previews, etc from me! There isnt a lot more to say about this but yeah

Oh!! W patreon you can support a huge amount of makers artists and creators so even if you dont wanna fund me (no biggie) you can fund, say, john green or extra credit or whoever else is on there. Im not saying you should fund john green though. Im not saying you should or shouldnt fund john green. Honestly i just wanted to type john green’s name. he has a cool name even if he has said some bad stuff

Lastly: Im doing commissions via patreon. Prices start at $18 for a cover and $24 for an original song. You can pay more if you want and possibly less depending on your conditions. So yeah

Happy patronizing!


memoca and i feel the same way right now

inktober day 11 though!